Oxford Dining Table

Oxford Dining Table

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Rectangular Dining Table with Beautiful Curved Legs and Hard Wearing Fenix Top


Beautifully crafted dining table with curved leg details and a Fenix Top. Fenix is a new technology that is not only hard wearing, non reflective and resistant to fingermarks, it is also easy to clean, making it a durable and practical option. Size 160cm x 95cm  = Seats 6 People

  • Model Shown – E11 Oak Base – PB2 Legs – Totanio Doha Fenix Top
  • Made in Belgium
  • Solid Oak base
  • Fenix, Oak or Ceramic Top
  • Extending Model available
  • 3 leg options
  • Over 30 Wood Colour Options/ 6 Fenix Top Colours


Height Width Length/ Depth
76cm 95cm 140cm
76cm 95cm 160cm
76cm 95cm 180cm
76cm 95cm 200cm
76cm 95cm 220cm
76cm 95cm 240cm
76cm 95cm 260cm