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Bespoke dining tables

Looking for a bespoke dining table that is stylish, functional and fully customisable to suit your needs? Then you’re in the right place. In conjunction with some of Britain and Europe’s best furniture makers, we can supply unique, handmade dining tables in a host of different sizes, styles and finishes to match your décor. As such, whether you’re after a compact design for a small kitchen nook or a larger bespoke dining table for entertaining guests, we can help.

Solid oak bespoke dining table with modern metal pillar legs

Sintered stone & solid wood bespoke dining tables

At New England Home Interiors, our sturdy bespoke dining tables come in a variety of materials to suit your taste. Choose from timeless solid wood designs made from honey-coloured oak, cool ash or rich walnut to complement and add warmth to a range of interiors.

Alternatively, our contemporary bespoke dining tables with sleek metal bases are an extremely popular choice. Our best-selling sintered stone Dekton tables are available in various natural stone effects without any of the compromises. Key benefits include being resistant to stains, heat, fading and scratches – perfect for a family dining room or kitchen.

We also offer several elegant, lightweight ceramic dining tables which are glazed to protect against liquid spills. Meanwhile, our unique Neolith models made from 100% natural and recycled materials, provide a sleek and eco-friendly option for bespoke dining tables.

Dekton sintered stone is a good choice for bespoke dining tables
Oval bespoke dining table with Dekton sintered stone top and gold metal legs

Made to measure dining tables to fit your space

Regardless of the design, each handmade table is made to measure to ensure it fits neatly into the space you have available. With that in mind, our craftspeople can make adjustments to the width and length of your preferred model upon request. In addition, they can raise or lower the height to create a bespoke dining table tailored to your height for improved comfort.

You also have the option of a rectangular, square, oval or round table, depending on the look and feel you’re going for. And, if you regularly entertain friends or have a large extended family that visits often, we can also make extending bespoke dining tables.

Choose from slide out or folding leaves – each with high quality mechanisms for a smooth transition. Many designs also have wheels on one end for easy operation by a single person.

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Bespoke dining tables in a range of styles & finishes

Once you’ve selected your the material and size for your bespoke dining table, it’s time to hone the finer details. This includes deciding between corner legs or a central pillar, and choosing the colour and finish of both the tabletop and base.

If you opt for one of our bespoke wood tables, you have the choice of machined edges for a clean, modern finish. Or you could go for a live edge where the natural contours of the wood are left exposed for a more rustic look. Likewise, we can stain the wood in your preferred shade, or simply seal it to preserve the natural tone.

Meanwhile, there are over 70 different types of Dekton tabletops. This includes block colours and designs featuring marble-style veining and natural stone graining, each available in matt, semi-matt or polished finishes. Similarly, our Neolith bespoke dining tables can be specified with stone, marble or iron effect surfaces, and our ceramic models boast 30 different finishes.

You can also stick with lacquered steel or aluminium steel legs as standard, or have them specially painted in your preferred RAL colour to tie the table into your existing décor.

Oak bespoke dining table with natural edges and sintered stone centre panel

How to order bespoke dining tables

At New England Home Interiors, we offer expert advice on every detail of our bespoke dining tables to help you find the correct size and specification for your requirements. This includes a free home visit with measuring service. We can also provide composite stone swatches when we visit to help you envisage your final choice and recommend matching dining chairs if required.

Once you’ve placed your order with us, the lead-time will be confirmed which is generally 9-12 weeks. At this stage, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for delivery. On the day, our trained logistics team will set up your bespoke dining table in whichever room you prefer, then remove the packaging and take it away for recycling. That way, you won’t have any mess to clean up and you can start using your new table right away.

To learn more, pop into our Horsham furniture showroom for inspiration and to meet our design team, or email your ideas to info@newenglandhome.co.uk. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

More about our bespoke dining tables

Dekton dining tables are manufactured in Spain by Cosentino. They feature sintered stone tabletops usually 8-12mm thick, made from a blend of over 20 natural stones and minerals like porcelain and quartz. These are then compressed together to create a robust surface that is non-porous, heat and scratch resistant and extremely easy to maintain. The Dekton surface is then mounted onto a chic steel frame with either corner legs or a central pillar as desired.

Ceramic dining tables are made from clay that has been dried and glazed to create a durable, sealed surface that will repel spills. Ceramic bespoke dining tables are also more lightweight for easy movability and thinner for a streamlined look. Plus, they’re much more affordable than natural stone designs and won’t mark easily due to their tough surface and wipe-clean finish.

Just like Dekton tables, Neolith models are made from mineral and stone particles that have been subjected to extreme heat and pressure to meld them together. However, as a zero-waste, carbon neutral brand, Neolith uses only 100% natural and recycled materials in their custom-made dining tables. All of which are waterproof, stain-proof, food safe and very robust.

Sintered stone is a manmade surface created by fusing natural materials such as granite mineral, glass, and natural oxides, through a process of heat and extreme pressure. The process mimics processes found in nature that form hard natural stones over millions of years. Dekton and Neolith are examples of sintered surface materials.

Sintered stone surfaces are water and stain proof, food safe, heat resistant and incredibly hardwearing. These characteristics make sintered stone a popular choice for kitchen worktops, where they combine extreme durability with the beauty of natural stone, but they are now also a popular choice for dining and kitchen tables. Sintered stone surfaces now make it possible to have a beautiful everyday usable dining table, easily able to withstand the rigors of day-to-day family life, without concerns about wear and damage.