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5 Key Interior Design Trends for 2024

Every year, new styles, materials and colour palettes emerge, shaping the way we design and decorate our living spaces. This year, sterile minimalism and cool tones have fallen firmly out of fashion. Instead, cosy yet functional interiors with bags of charm are gaining momentum. With that in mind, if you like to stay ahead of the curve, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll reveal 5 key interior design trends for 2024, from furniture styles to paint shades.

2024 home décor trends

Quiet luxury

Elegant luxury is one of the key interior design trends for 2024

Stemming from last season’s runways, quiet luxury has evolved to become one the leading interior design trends for 2024. Falling somewhere between minimalism and maximalism, this high-end aesthetic centres around understated sophistication.

As such, the elements you include should be cohesive and well thought-out, incorporating just two or three neutral tones. This, along with premium real wood, marble finishes and plush furnishings, will help to create a more luxurious feel. Layering is also key – think one-off artwork, natural textures, quality lighting and well-stocked bookshelves, but avoid clutter!

With that said, timeless investment furniture that will serve you well for years to come is the real star of quiet luxury. Swap mass-produced, low-quality items for handcrafted, artisanal pieces that provide a base for your interior design efforts. For instance, a bespoke sofa made for your space, with fluffy down cushions, supportive seats and piped trim velvet upholstery.

Warm, earthy tones

Despite dominating home décor trends lists for the past few years, greys are finally out in favour of warmer hues. The same goes for stark whites, which were replaced by softer ivory and beige in the second half of 2023.

As a result, browns are now taking centre stage, from taupe to chocolate and everything in between. Similarly, rich terracotta, champagne golds and coral tones are growing in popularity. As are zesty yellows and cherry reds – each tipped as top accent colours when it comes to 2024 interior design trends.

Browns and earthy tones are set to be popular interior design trends for 2024

Meanwhile, Dulux and Pantone both named pink tones are their colours of the year. But unlike last year’s striking Barbie pink, these ones are a little more subtle! Dulux’s Sweet Blossom is a soft dusky pink hue, while Pantone’s cosy Peach Fuzz features hints of orange. Both offer an calm, inviting feel, and can be used for feature walls beside off-whites or all over if you prefer!

Curves & soft lines

Given the more traditional appeal of quiet luxury, you won’t be surprised to hear that sharp lines are no longer top of the bill. Instead, curved wood, 3D sculptural art, scalloped edges and more organic shapes are taking precedent. And another crucial factor is comfort.

When it comes to furniture, that means choosing rounded, upholstered barstools over hard-finish, streamlined designs. Likewise, sofas with a more lived-in finish, overstuffed cushions and curved or soft arms are right on trend. Both our relaxed Winchester Sofa and Sussex Sofa with sculpted arms are ideal. Or you could add a sumptuous armchair to a smaller nook.

Winchester sofa with classic soft lines offers supreme comfort and style

Own a more rectangular centrepiece and don’t want to replace it? Soften straight edges and add balance to your living area with complementary drapes, throws, cushions and rugs. Just bear in mind that faux fur rugs are being phased out by most designers. In their place, natural jute and wool rugs are coming to the fore, as are welcoming floral print designs in muted hues.

Characterful décor

As well as being more cosy than minimalistic interiors, current home décor trends also place greater emphasis on adding personality. This, of course, can take many different avenues depending on your style preference. However, some popular ideas include incorporating handmade items or nostalgic elements such as vintage lamps and other antique pieces.

Bespoke Dekton 12 seat dining table with red leather dining chairs

Alternatively, you could add brightly coloured accessories or a feature wall to break up a beige or brown base palette. Eye-catching dining chairs are another easy way to add character. Or you could feature a trending pattern like stripes or checkerboard print in your décor. That said, it’s best to focus statement prints in one small area, and keep larger furniture more simple.

Mixed media furnishings

Tactility is a vital interior design trend for 2024. That includes soft fabric detailing, three-dimensional wood panelling and even brushed or limewashed wall finishes. As such, adding a combination of metal, wood and stone touches into your home will bring it right up to date. This is known as mixed media furnishing and we have various items to help you get the look.

For instance, our durable and customisable Dekton dining tables come with your choice of authentic stone-effect surfaces on a metal frame. Or you might prefer a ceramic coffee table with lacquered steel base – and we also have coordinating side tables and consoles to match.

Large modern dining table mixes materials with a black metal frame and Neolith sintered stone top

Otherwise, you could opt for mixed media seating. The Roam tan leather bench with crossed wooden legs makes a statement, while still tying into the warm neutrals furniture design trend. Meanwhile, our Flip dining chairs come in dual leather and fabric finish options upon request.

Shop the latest interior décor trends at New England

Now you know what to look out for, why not browse our living room and dining room furniture ranges? As mentioned, we have all kinds of furnishings on offer. And if you can’t find what you’re after, we also have an array of bespoke dining tables, sofas and more. That way, you can tailor your chosen item to fit your existing décor and top interior design trends for 2024.

The interior of the New ENgland Home Interiors furniture shop in Horsham West Sussex

Planning to visit us in store? Explore numerous curtain and upholstery fabrics, interior lighting, paint and accessories to complete the look. We also have a range of discounted ex-display items ready to view if you’re seeking ways to make your budget go further. Happy shopping!